Unmatched Simplicity

VoiceComputer is so easy to learn that you can actually greatly reduce your mouse / touchpad use today.

VoiceComputer makes it far easier for you to do the things that you do every day, from controlling your desktop to zipping through your email, from controlling the web by voice to finding and accessing your files


Unprecedented Voice Control and Accessibility

VoiceComputer is so accessible that you will experience more speech control of your computer and your applications than ever before. VoiceComputer is the most accessible speech application ever. It is the only speech application that is so versatile you it can be customized to deliver hands-free control of all your applications.


Real-time help and training

The key to productive use of Dragon is learning how to use it effectively

VoiceComputer's comprehensive, real-time Dragon help and training will ensure your success with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.


VoiceComputer, the all-in-one add-on for Dragon

Radically different from anything before it, VoiceComputer makes Dragon both user-friendly and accessible.

Unmatched Simplicity VoiceComputer's simplicity will let you quickly and easily control your computer by voice. VoiceComputer's versatility helps you even control programs that were previously considered inaccessible by voice.

Whether you're sending emails, controlling your desktop, accessing your files, controlling previously mouse-intensive databases and previously inaccessible programs, VoiceComputer works the same easy way with the same simple voice commands.


You'll spend a whole lot more time controlling your computer by voice.

And a lot less time trying to figure out how to control it.



To view demonstrations say / click:

Once you've viewed one demonstration, you've learned the basics of controlling your computer with VoiceComputer.

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Why VoiceComputer?



Unmatched SimplicityI absolutely love VoiceComputer.
It's a job saver.

There's no way I could continue performing my job with Dragon out of the box.

Michael, Fortune 500 company


Unmatched SimplicityI love VoiceComputer because it has allowed me to use my computer completely hands free. I am confined to a power chair so this is a huge benefit to me



Unmatched SimplicityI rarely write reviews of any products, but VoiceComputer has made my life as a worldwide account director for FedEx Corporation much easier. I have never measured the time savings, but I can tell you that it is tremendous and it is a lot more fun doing work these days.





Truth in speech computing. What Dragon doesn't tell you.

Unmatched SimplicityMany, if not most, applications, databases and web apps cannot be productively controlled by Dragon without customization. Customization is also needed to productively control many application controls and menus.

Because of this, over the last 20 years, Dragon, Dragon add-ons and Dragon consultants have added thousands of voice commands to Dragon in a desperate attempt to make applications accessible, controllable and productive by voice.

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The result? Needing hundreds, if not thousands of commands to control your computer by voice is difficult to learn and so cumbersome to use that most users give up. Dragon has sold millions of copies but do you know anyone who controls their computer by voice?

 What about VoiceComputer?

VoiceComputer changes all this and brings sanity and ease of use to the world of speech recognition. VoiceComputer's speech interface has a half dozen basic commands and makes them part of Windows and your applications.

Unmatched SimplicityBut, even VoiceComputer's new speech interface will not give you fast and easy control of all the menus and controls in your applications nor will let you control many of your applications unless you customize VoiceComputer.

VoiceComputer's speech interface will give most users 80% hands-free control of their computers out-of-the-box (but this can range from 50% to 98%, depending on the applications you use.

If 80% hands-free control is all you need, you can use your mouse for the rest of your work.

But, if you need more control, even complete hands-free control, VoiceComputer has advanced technologies that will help you.

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The result? VoiceComputer can let you enjoy voice control of your entire computer with only a handful (hands-free!) set of commands.




Control your computer by voice and optimize your productivity


More innovative and powerful features than any other speech application



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A new speech interface

Now you can quickly control your computer by voice. Learn more

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Your speech interface for Chrome

Now you can control the web more completely than ever. Learn more

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Create your own speech interface!

Now you can easily make any application window accessible. Learn more

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Fast, easy desktop control

VoiceComputer makes control of your desktop easier and faster than ever. Learn more

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Learn by doing

VoiceComputer lets your learn while you work. Learn more

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Quickly access your files

Open your files at the speed of sound. Learn more

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Instantaneous help

Get help when you need it. Learn more

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A mouse, by voice

Don't reach for the mouse. Just tell it what you want to do. Learn more

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True multitasking

Navigate through and copy from other programs as you work in your own documents. Learn more

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A few hundred productivity commands

Optimize your productivity. Learn more


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Create your own commands

A quick easy way to create your own custom commands. No Scripting. Learn more

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Almost Global copying!

Now you can copy text from websites, PDF files and more!. Learn more



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Fast, easy navigation

A fast way to navigate through your own documents. Learn more


VoiceComputer lets you reduce or eliminate mouse & keyboard use.

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Hands-Free Productivity

Dragon’s core mission is great dictation accuracy. VoiceComputer’s core mission is home and workplace accessibility. We deliver a new world of accessibility, productivity and ease-of-use. With half a dozen U.S. Patents & Pending Patents, VoiceComputer has reinvented speech computing that will forever change how your control your computer by voice.

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VoiceComputer enables our users to return-to-work and school despite physical challenges that range in severity from RSI and carpal tunnel to quadriplegia and other severe physical challenges. Delivering unprecedented voice control of computer applications, VoiceComputer completely changes what our users can do with Dragon.
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Return to Work

VoiceComputer delivers a whole new world of accessibility. For the first time ever, your company’s or agency’s Intranet sites, Citrix and legacy applications are accessible to your employees. We make accessibility usable and productive.