VoiceComputer 13.5 is now available!

Unmatched Simplicity

VoiceComputer's simplicity and ease of use will let you get more done without pointing and clicking and without creating and memorizing hundreds of commands.

Unprecedented Voice Control and Accessibility

VoiceComputer's unprecedented voice access and control of your computer and applications make keyboards, mice and touchpads optional accessories.

Real-time help and training

VoiceComputer's real-time Dragon help and training will ensure your success with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.


VoiceComputer, an add-on for Dragon NaturallySpeaking

The true genius of our release of VoiceComputer 13.5 isn't just that it is the only speech application that makes it possible to control all of your programs by voice. It's that VoiceComputer 13.5 is remarkably easy to use.

Whether you're sending emails, controlling your desktop, accessing your files, controlling previously mouse-intensive databases and previously inaccessible programs, VoiceComputer works the same easy way with the same simple voice commands.

You'll spend a whole lot more time controlling your computer by voice.

And a lot less time figuring out how to control it.


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Control your computer by voice and optimize your productivity


More powerful and useful features than any other speech application



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A new speech interface

Now you can quickly control your computer by voice. Learn more

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Your speech interface for Chrome

Now you can control the web more completely than ever. Learn more

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Create your own speech interface!

Now you can easily make any application window accessible. Learn more

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Fast, easy desktop control

VoiceComputer makes control of your desktop easier and faster than ever. Learn more

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Learn by doing

VoiceComputer lets your learn while you work. Learn more

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Quickly access your files

Open your files at the speed of sound. Learn more

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Instantaneous help

Get help when you need it. Learn more

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A mouse, by voice

Don't reach for the mouse. Just tell it what you want to do. Learn more

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True multitasking

Navigate through and copy from other programs as you work in your own documents. Learn more

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10,000 custom commands!

Optimize your productivity. Learn more


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Create your own commands

A quick easy way to create your own custom commands. No Scripting. Learn more

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Almost Global copying!

Now you can copy text from websites, PDF files and more!. Learn more



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Fast, easy navigation

A fast way to navigate through your own documents. Learn more


VoiceComputer lets you reduce or eliminate mouse & keyboard use.

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Hands-Free Productivity

Dragon’s core mission is great dictation accuracy. VoiceComputer’s core mission is home and workplace accessibility. That is why we deliver a new world of accessibility, productivity and ease-of-use. With half a dozen U.S. Patents & Pending Patents, VoiceComputer has reinvented speech computing.

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VoiceComputer enables our users to return-to-work and school despite physical challenges that range in severity from RSI and carpal tunnel to quadriplegia and other severe physical challenges. VoiceComputer's unprecedented voice access and control of your computer and applications will completely change what you can do with Dragon.
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Return to Work

VoiceComputer delivers a whole new world of accessibility. Accessibility that delivers the highest possible productivity and ease-of-use so that for the first time ever, your company’s or agency’s Intranet sites, Citrix and legacy applications are accessible to your employees without expensive and time-consuming customization.


Frequently Asked Questions

VoiceComputer works with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 12, Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12 and all other editions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Desktop and laptop computers work well with voice recognition. It is very important to have the right computer components for Dragon NaturallySpeaking to run efficiently. To ensure fast response times, we recommend:

  1. We strongly recommend an Intel i5 or i7 processor. But, in a pinch you can use an Intel Core2Duo 2.6 GHz or faster. - (Use a Dragon BestMatch III user profile with an Intel Core2 Duo.
  2. 7200 rpm hard drive or faster (5200 rpm hard drive is okay for a laptop, but try to upgrade to a 7200 rpm drive.)
  3. 3+ GB of memory for XP, 8+ GB of memory for Win7, Win8.- 64 bit. 4+ GB of memory for Win 7, Win8  - 32 bit
  4. Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit).
  5. Storage device (CD Burner) for backing up voice files.
  6. An available USB port for sound pod.
  7. A high quality microphone and USB sound pod. Both of these products are available through the products page.
  8. We strongly recommend that you use a Dragon BestMatch IV user profile. BestMatch V is very slow with large command sets, such as you will find with VoiceComputer.
Our new Show Numbers technologies makes it easy. Just say Show Numbers and say the numbers of the controls you want 

But, if you’re just getting started with voice recognition, you should know that other computer programs may be more difficult to master than voice recognition. But no other program is as challenging to start with because you need to know what to say and when to say it. Once you turn on the microphone, the speech recognition program will do exactly what you tell it to. If you don’t know what to say, you’re in trouble. Our VoiceComputer will get you started and help you master the program. A single voice command anywhere, anytime, gives you the information you want, right alongside your applications, without losing your place or covering up your work. Learning voice recognition couldn’t be easier!

Even if you are a computer expert, you still need help. Other programs are more difficult to master than speech recognition, but no program is as tricky to get started with as speech recognition. We have seen dozens of computer programmers, network engineers, and computer techs waste dozens of hours trying to learn voice recognition by themselves and still fail to master it until they spent a few hours with our program. If you’re a computer expert, you don’t need to waste thousands of dollars on training, but you do need expert advice. VoiceComputer’s training system will give you that.

Users trying to learn Dragon NaturallySpeaking have the highest failure rate in the software industry. To succeed, you have three alternatives:

  1. You can spend thousands of dollars on one-to-one training, however will you remember everything or even half of what they taught you? And, where will the teacher be when you run into a problem? (BTW, we provide excellent one-to-one training for those who need it, but we always provide The Voice Computer as a 24/7 teaching guide and help system for our students.)
  2. You can spend hours reading a book or viewing a video. Will you remember half of what was taught? Is it easy to find the help you want or more of a nuisance than it’s worth? Simply, you won’t bother or learn how to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking productively.
  3. The best solution is to use VoiceComputer to learn Dragon NaturallySpeaking. First, our exclusive Show Numbers technologies make speech computing easy to use and productive. In addition, VoiceComputer lets you to learn voice recognition as you work. With VoiceComputer, when you want help, you ask for it. You get the information you need when you need it. VoiceComputer includes more than fifty lessons, twelve demonstrations, dozens of at-a-glance guides, a comprehensive index, and command list cheat sheets. Even if you are a computer expert, you still need help. We have seen dozens of computer programmers, network engineers, and computer techs waste dozens of hours trying to learn voice recognition by themselves and still fail to master it. If you’re a computer expert, you don’t need to waste thousands of dollars on training, but you need expert advice. VoiceComputer will give you that.
How much time does it take to learn Dragon NaturallySpeaking using The Voice Computer?
Using VoiceComputer’s Dictation Intro and Super Numbers Intro, you will be up and running in two or three hours. - You will be able to dictate to Dragon with great accuracy and control most of your applications with our Show Numbers command. In approximately 7 more hours, you will be a knowledgeable Dragon NaturallySpeaking user, knowing how to dictate, correct errors, delete text, edit your text, control menus, navigate your documents, open, save, print and close your documents by voice. You should allow for 20 hours of use before you’ll be able to achieve full productivity. Allow yourself a bit more time if you are also learning a new software application in addition to Dragon. The Voice Computer gives you all the information you need to succeed - and makes it uniquely accessible. Some of our clients master speech recognition with only The Voice Computer. Others need to supplement The Voice Computer with a few hours of one-to-one training (or online training) and support. Only a few need a full training package with The Voice Computer, regularly scheduled training sessions, support and customization for use with proprietary software. If you need additional training and/or support, please check out our training page, our products page, and/or contact us.
If I buy VoiceComputer, do I qualify for updates?
Yes! With your purchase of VoiceComputer you’ll qualify for free updates (by download) until the next version of Dragon (usually 2 years) or a full year, whichever is longer. VoiceComputer has several updates a year and you can download them at your convenience.


Do you have to see it to believe it?
If so, try it on your own computer with our 10-day trial or just buy VoiceComputer and get our 30-day money-back guarantee.
(Please e-mail us if you would like a 10-day trial.)



Want the highest productivity?

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