VoiceComputer is a new, simple, pain-free and liberating way to control your computer that will let you greatly reduce your mouse / touchpad use in a few minutes.

If you can count, you can use VoiceComputer.

Intags, our revolutionary speech interface, makes speech control a natural part of Windows by automatically numbering an application's menus and controls.

To tell your computer what you want to do, you simply say the number of the application, menu, control or link you wish to access.

Desktop control


Intags isn't the first numbers-based interface, but it's the first to get it right.

Intags is the only global speech interface. It lets you make previously inaccessible programs accessible so that you can control your computer hands-free or by any combination of voice, mouse, touchpad or keyboard that you wish.


control of Microsoft Word


The Triumph of Simplicity

Whenever you access a link, menu or control, open or close a program, switch between applications, your desktop or the Windows taskbar, Intags continues to number every control, making speech control as fast and simple as a mouse. This lets you quickly drill through web pages and applications and control your computer by voice.

Whether you're accessing your email, navigating through your files and folders, surfing the web, or controlling your desktop, you just have to follow the numbers. You don't have to remember hundreds of commands as you would if you just used Dragon. Thus, once you've learned to control one application with VoiceComputer, you've learned to control them all.


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Many, if not most of our clients tell us how much they love VoiceComputer. One client recently brought her family and friends to work so she could show off the program to them. The other day we opened our email and found the following ad for VoiceComputer that one of our users sent us:


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What is VoiceComputer?


VoiceComputer is the only all-in-one speech application for Dragon. VoiceComputer features Intags, the world's first global speech interface which delivers the simplest, most versatile, accessible and productive voice control of your computer ever. VoiceComputer with Intags eliminates repetitive motion and the injuries associated with it and breaks the barriers that tie you to your computer. Delivering up to 100% hands-free computing, VoiceComputer makes it simple to control your computer anyway you wish.

Unmatched SimplicityVoiceComputer also includes:

∙   A self-guided, comprehensive interactive help and training system

∙   Fast, easy voice control of the Windows desktop

∙   Fast, easy voice control of files and folders

∙   A powerful voice-controlled mouse

∙   A microphone app that gives you hands-free control of your computer

 VoiceComputer was designed to meet the needs of the thousands of Dragon users that our company has trained. Every feature was designed to improve Dragon's accessibility, productivity and ease-of-use. Learn more.



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