VoiceComputer 13.5 is now available!

Unmatched Simplicity

VoiceComputer's simplicity and ease of use will forever change how you use Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Unprecedented Voice Control and Accessibility

VoiceComputer's unprecedented voice access and control of your computer and applications will completely change what you can do with Dragon.

Real-time help and training

VoiceComputer's real-time Dragon help and training will ensure your success with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.


VoiceComputer 13.5 for Dragon NaturallySpeaking


Not just a simple speech application. A remarkably powerful speech application.


VoiceComputer is a speech application that features a speech interface (Intags) with 12 key speech commands that are so powerful that just 12 commands let you access and control far more applications, web pages, and web apps than Dragon NaturallySpeaking with tens of thousands of custom macros.


But that's not all. With customization (no scripting!), VoiceComputer's new Intag speech interface is the first speech interface to deliver global voice accessibility and control. Now you can productively control anything and everything on your computer with simple speech commands.


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Intag Video

Outlook Video

My Intags Video


Learn more about VoiceComputer.  Buy it and forever change the way you use a computer.