The days of repeating the same mouse movements, the same keystrokes, over and over, are over.

Radically different from anything before it, VoiceComputer's speech interface actually makes speech control part of Windows, making VoiceComputer so easy to use, that you can reduce your mouse/touchpad use in minutes.


If you can count to 100, you can use VoiceComputer.

Intags, our speech interface, automatically numbers an application's menus and controls. So, to tell VoiceComputer what you want to do, you simply say the number of the application, menu, control or link you wish to access.


Desktop control


Whenever you access a menu or control, open or close a program, switch between applications, your desktop or the Windows taskbar, Intags continues to number every control, making speech control as fast and simple as a mouse, letting you quickly drill through applications and control your computer by voice.

Whether you're accessing your email, navigating through your files and folders or controlling your desktop, VoiceComputer works the same basic way. Thus, once you've learned to control one application with VoiceComputer, you've learned to control them all.


control of Microsoft Word


Our Intags speech interface is Touch Optional. Now you can enjoy voice control of your computer and applications and/or enjoy any mix of voice, keyboard, mouse, touchpad control you want, with seamless switching between the controls you wish to use.


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VoiceComputer Video



What is VoiceComputer?


VoiceComputer is the only all-in-one speech application for Dragon. VoiceComputer features Intags, the world's first global speech interface which delivers the simplest, most versatile, accessible and productive voice control of your computer ever. VoiceComputer with Intags eliminates repetitive motion and the injuries associated with it and breaks the barriers that tie you to your computer. Delivering up to 100% hands-free computing, VoiceComputer makes it simple to control your computer anyway you wish.

Unmatched SimplicityVoiceComputer also includes:

∙   A self-guided, comprehensive interactive help and training system

∙   Fast, easy voice control of the Windows desktop

∙   Fast, easy voice control of files and folders

∙   A powerful voice-controlled mouse

∙   A microphone app that gives you hands-free control of your computer

 VoiceComputer was designed to meet the needs of the thousands of Dragon users that our company has trained. Every feature was designed to improve Dragon's accessibility, productivity and ease-of-use. Learn more.



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